C’mon… I know you’re doing the same as me right now.

You wanna do all the things in 2019.

Write a book, sell millions of things, go to every mastermind and start a new business on top on your current one.

Here’s my two pence worth (cos I need to tell myself the same thing).


Whether you believe in the Wooniverse or not, focus and clarity are THE FASTEST ways to get what you want.

Focusing on ONE thing until it’s real is the key for business and life.

Not flying off on a tangent with more “stuff” to do.

Look, you’re being impatient AND filling your downtime with more things.

What you could be doing is chilling out and allowing it to come to you instead of chasing.

And resting between work sprints.

Warren Buffet has a cute little trick all about this.

??Write down 25 things you want to accomplish in your life. 
??Get a Sharpie and cross out all but 5 things.

The 20 things you crossed off are the “avoid at all costs” list.

Those 20 things will pull your attention away from your top five like a magnet.

✨Try it with your 2019 to do list✨

And for the love of the Wooniverse… keep your eyes away from your side projects ?