The problem with modern businesses is this… what you see, isn’t what you get.

Especially if your a business owner and you’re just starting out.

You’re looking to model what’s going on in someone else’s business.

What you see is the social media, the perfect headshots, the podcasts and the snazzy logos.

So what do you do?

You follow their lead and do the same. 
Cos that’s what you’ve seen, right?

You do all the same things.

You spend money on unnecessary marketing. 
You spend your time (aaaah!) on following blindly what everyone else is doing. 
You waste your energy on following the latest trends thinking that is what makes a business.

The thing is, it’s not your fault.

?What you see is the shiny front end and what’s hidden is the hard working back end?

And I’m NOT talking about the hard working human powering it, that’s another post.

What you don’t see is…

✨the whole customer ecosystem,
✨the dialled in operations, 
✨the finely worked out finances, 
✨the advertising budget linked to customer lifetime value, 
✨the creative work that is your company culture,
✨the future projects to lead your customers towards where they want to be…

The front end works for about a year until you’ve exhausted all your current contacts or people in your local area… then your business dies.

Hard fact to take on a Thursday morning before your porridge ☹️

Again, it’s not your fault.

The back end is the magic where customers stay for life, they’re asking for more and you’re serving it up, you’re growing your operation to free you to work on bigger things, your advertising is running like clockwork and the guess work is gone… you can have a podcast, “do a Live” and have a YouTube channel…

Because the back end is doing the heavy lifting.

Ok… enough doom and gloom.

Here’s something for you to think about.

You’re in the right place.

?Here, in The Gentlewomen, we have business owners who have survived the first mean years of business and they KNOW what’s what?

We’ve got operations management wizards, FB ads experts, community builders, product and brand designers…

YOU’RE NOT ALONE to find all this out for yourself.

Here’s a tiny action to take…


“They have a podcast, I need a podcast.”
“They have perfect social media, I need the same.”
“They have head shots so I need to pay for those too.”

Unfollow them. 
You don’t need shiny object syndrome taking you off course. 
You have a plan so stick to it.

Your intuition KNOWS what you need.

❄️Mind the business icebergs❄️