It’s 9:30pm,
You’ve just sat down,
Phone in one hand,
TV remote in the other,
Glass of wine by your side…

You’re exhausted,
You zone out,
And wonder if it gets any easier…

Sound familiar?

That niggly feeling you “should” be doing something but you’re far too tired to think.

Or the feeling that you’re always “on” and you can’t relax.

That, my fellow Gentlewomen, is burnout, stress and exhaustion.

And it SUCKS!

(I know, I’ve been there more than once!)

It’s soooooo tempting to keep going, keep pushing, ignoring the signs but in the end, you’re doing more harm than good.

Your body remembers stress more than you think.

It can get to dangerous levels and your body will “switch off”.

Surely there’s another way?!

✨The first rule of The Gentlewomen is YOU FIRST✨


When I plan my day (after meditation), the first thing I schedule is REST.

Self care, downtime, chilling… whatever you call it and whatever your style is, SCHEDULE THIS FIRST.

?? Take out your planner
?? Block out time (30 mins is a good start)
?? Write “ME TIME” in your planner
?? Do something just for you
?? Stick to it!

You don’t need permission to rest. 
You give YOURSELF permission.

Do this monthly and book a DAY of putting yourself first.

Hence why spa days are part of being in The Gentlewomen ?

✨Rest does more in the long run than the hustle✨

So, over to you…

Do you do this?
Do you resist putting yourself first?
What “stories” do you have around self care?

Let me know your thoughts around it and I can put some training together for you.

We all go up together ????

See you in the hot tub ?