(Lady, get your mind out of the gutter!)

After a two-day mastermind, it’s time to get into the zone and visualise the next 90-days for The GW.

And the best way to do it… smell the leather.

“Erm, what?”

I’m at the exact place where the next GW meet up is going to be.

Being here, being in the environment and feeling the vibe triggers all kinds of thoughts and feelings of what the GW is all about.

The exclusivity, the luxury, the connection, the fun, the confidence building… all come from being here, in the most inspiring place I can be right now.

You can do the same thing when you’re planning your next BIG MOVES.

“Smell the leather” comes from the story where a chap went to the Rolls-Royce showroom every week to sit in the cars.

He closed his eyes, put his hands on the steering wheel and imagined him driving it out the showroom.

At the time, he was broke and had NO IDEA HOW he was going to do it… but the “how” didn’t matter.

The overriding emotion and state he put himself into every week when he sat in a Rolls-Royce was enough to create magic.

That state of confidence carried over into all parts of his life… and eventually became one of the most influential (and wealthy) magazine owners in the world.

And he couldn’t even drive.

Is to take yourself off to somewhere MASSIVELY INSPIRING to plan your next 90-days.

Extra bonus points for photos ??

We all go up together ????