After some very thoughtful deliberation, I’m closing down The Gentlewomen’s Facebook Group.

Here’s why…

We live in a MEGA NOISY world and I’m aware that you’re SUPER BUSY building your empire.

Who needs *another* FB Group? ??‍♀️

Social media is excellent but it can also be a drain on you and your mental health if left unchecked.

In the beginning, we used it to find friends, talk to our family then came the marketers and ads. And now we’re at the stage where we’re ruining our mental health by endlessly scrolling and trying to get our next dopamine fix.

This is highlighted by Cal Newport (author of Deep Work) in a recent interview with GQ.

READ the interview

From Cal Newport’s interview with GQ

Loneliness is currently a BIG topic and a BIG reason WHY The Gentlewomen was started after I suffered from it when I moved to a new town. My only link to the “outside world” was social media and having to travel hours to get anywhere drove me insane.

It wasn’t great for my mental health and out of that, The Gentlewomen was born.

There is a growing trend of depression, overwhelm and subsequent social media holidays being taken by individuals.

Most recently, business consultant, Gemma Went, took a social media sabbatical with her “Social Media Armageddon” causing quite a stir with her followers.

READ Gemma’s latest article on Entrepreneur

There’s also the question of quality.

I want to continue focusing on building a thriving community on *our own platform* which is where the BEST conversations happen.

(Yup, we have our own distraction-free app, it’s so cool!)

And also, invite others into The Gentlewomen by posting our own articles on here.

This is a “handcrafted” community and company, and anything that takes me further away from building something of huge value is being cut from my list. Yes, I could outsource the community management but I already have a community, it’s called The Gentlewomen!

Two groups doesn’t make any sense to anyone. Cut to noise, increase the quality and serve up the best of the best to YOU.

How to continue the conversation…

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Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to the group. Whether it was a link, a comment or a post, we see you.


We’re all going up together xx